Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nyonya Lam Meen

I have always loved Lam Meen. Some folks refer to it as 'birthday noodles'. We sometimes cook it at home for certain occasions and it is a bit time consuming as you have to boil the soup to the right consistency and taste.
I have always eaten Lam Meen with the clear soup normally found in Penang and also Ipoh. Over here in the Klang Valley, I found that the Lam Meen sold here is of a dark and thick gravy and this is not to my liking. I prefer the one with clear soup. Anyway, I was in PJ one day around the Chow Yang area in SS.2. and I came across a coffeeshop called SS2 Chow Yang Restaurant. This is quite a big coffeeshop occupying three shoplots. Upon entering, I found that there were many stalls selling all kinds of food but one that caught my eye was the Lam Meen stall. I checked and found that they served the clear soup version. I ordered it and soon it was served to me at RM6 only. The first thing I did was to taste the soup and found it to be quite tasty. Below are some photos of the Lam Meen which I ordered.
My plate of Lam Meen. 
Another view of the Lam Meen with sambal on the side plate
A look at the stall
Another view of the stall
Front view of the coffeeshop

I had the small plate of Lam Meen and the bits of pork crackling (Chee Yau Char) was good. To enhance the taste, there was a plate of sambal given. I was quite happy with it but it would have been better if there were chives (Kow Choy), then it would be perfect. Anyway, this is a good place to go for breakfast if you are in the vicinity.

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