Sunday, February 19, 2017

Senya Japanese Restaurant revisited

Senya is a Japanese restaurant located in Publika and is always crowded with diners. When we went there the other day, we were lucky that there was an empty table available. When we were seated, the waitress gave us a couple of Ipad tablets to choose our food from their menu and place our order. Service is very fast here because the moment we placed our order, the food started arriving.
We ordered quite a number of things from their menu as you can see from the photos. The food here is delicious and fresh especially if you are into seafood.
Front view of Senya
Some Gyoza on hot plate
Prawn tempura
Garlic fried rice
A tofu dish
Fresh salmon sashimi
California rolls
Fresh tuna sashimi

We ordered some of the dishes different from the ones we previously had as posted in my earlier blog post. One of my favourites is the Hokkaido pork but I did not order it this time. For those who enjoy Japanese dining, this is a good place to go to.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Little Katong in Ipoh

On my last trip to Ipoh, I wanted to try out places that I have not been for food. Most of the popular places are very touristy and going there is quite a hassle for me having to brave the traffic and the crowds. I did try getting there but after driving around looking for parking and seeing the large crowd, I decided to skip these places especially the famous Leech Street area.
I then decided to head over to try out the food at a place called Restoran Impressive located along Jln. Ali Pitchay and next to the Hotel Ibis. Parking was easy which I liked and went in to see what they had in this restoring. That's when I noticed a stall called Little Katong and decided to give it a try. The chicken noodles aka Kai see hor fun caught my attention and I ordered a bowl. Out of curiosity, I ordered a bowl of curry noodles from another stall called Sisters curry noodles. The food arrived and we tucked in and found that the noodles from Little Katong was very and comparable to the famous ones of Ipoh. I was told that their curry noodles Katong laksa was good too. Maybe I will give it a try the next time. As for the curry noodles from the other stall, I didn't fancy the taste so will skip it next time. The coffee was great and the restaurant had some nice looking dumplings (Chung) which I bought to take home. It was good and the way I like. Will definitely come again.
The awesome kai see hor fun
The little stall
This coffee  is good
View of the restaurant

I did not take any photos of the other food but I hope to do so on my next visit.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Akka Curry House revisited

It had been a long time since I last went to Akka Curry House. It is a very popular eatery for those working nearby and also for those in search of good Indian vegetarian food. For those who don't know this place, it is easy to locate as it is just about 50 metres from the Segambut roundabout heading towards Jalan Ipoh. You will be able to see the place which is just opposite a showroom called Extra Space. Parking might be a bit tricky especially during lunchtime so it would be good to be there before the crowd comes.
I have been here quite often as I love the wide choice of vegetarian food as well as the meat dishes. On certain days of the week, biryani rice will be served besides the white rice and parboiled rice (puzhungal arisi). Hope the spelling is correct. On Fridays, you will also get to taste their payasam (a sweet dessert) which is also good. I managed to take a few photos for this post and looking at some of them makes me hungry already so I might make a beeline there again.

My choice of serving
A closer look at the serving
Some meat and fish dishes
View from another angle
More vegetarian choices
And even more vegetarian choices
My favourite syrup ice
Payasam, only on Fridays
A view of the food counter area

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dining at the Food Court in Publika

Publika is a very popular place among KL folk and the place is perpetually full more so on weekends or public hilidays. There are lots of eateries to cater to different tastes and budgets. I live nearby and I have seen it flourish from the time it was being built till now.
This post will be on the food court which is called Eat Food Village and people can have a wide choice of food here. The food court is non halal which means that pork is served here. Prices for the food is on the higher side as compared to other food courts but you get to eat in a cleaner and cooler environment. The tables are cleared immediately after people have finished their meal and be ready and clean for the next person. I have also noticed that many people go to the food court to have a simple meal and also to discuss business as the place is not noisy as in other places.
I have been here many times and I find that the food here is quite good but a bit pricey which is around the range of RM10/- per dish. However, if you are walking about at the mall and just want some simple food, this will be a good place to go to. Here are some photos of the food available. I did not get to take photos of all the food as there are many choices.

Penang Hokkien Mee or Har Meen
A plate of delicious Roasted Pork
Dry Curry Chicken Noodles
Penang Char Koay Teow
Chili Pan Mee
Sui Kow in clear soup
Wan Tan Mee with char siew
Wan Tan Mee with char siew
Iced Coffee
One of the popular stalls

Sunday, September 4, 2016

BFF - a great Steamboat place in Desa Sri Hartamas

It was a cool evening when we decided to have steamboat and BFF came to our mind. My nephew is a regular there since the days when it was called Jade Pot. So off we went to Desa Sri Hartamas and parking was relatively easy that evening. We sat ourselves at one of the empty tables and immediately the staff came and took our order and setting up the centre hot pot for boiling. We requested for the white radish (daikon) and maize (corn) soup as it was one of their signature soups. There are lots of sauces for you to choose from to go with your food and we just helped ourselves to it. Then came the fishballs, tofu, meat and all the other items that we ordered. When the centre pot of soup began to boil, in went the items and it was ready to eat.  Besides steamboat, they also have other items in their menu if you want to have rice such sweet sour pork and many more. I only managed to take a few photos ot the food for this post. This place is easy to locate as it faces the main road and a few doors away from Hong Leong Bank.

The signature soup with corn and white radish
Deep fried meat rolls
Fried stuffed brinjals or eggplant
Finely sliced meat
Another pic of the meat and the sauces in the background
Fried stuffed chillies

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Different kinds of Curry Noodles from different places

I have been to quite a few places where they serve curry noodles. Some folks call it curry laksa but as I was from Ipoh, we all call it curry mee/noodles or in Cantonese, its called Kar Li Mei Fun (for vermicelli) and Kar Li Meen (yellow noodles).  I have since left Ipoh to reside in Kuala Lumpur so I don't have many photos of the Ipoh version (which I must say is very good). There are many places in Ipoh that serve really good curry noodles and I'm sure many of you would have read other blogs of the popular places that serve this.
So far, I have yet to find a place in Klang Valley that serves good curry noodles comparable to what I used to have in Ipoh.  Perhaps one of these days, I might come across one. In the Klang Valley, most places serve the curry noodles with taufu pok and some even add tau kok (long beans). It is quite good and I'm sure folks here are used to this version.  Down south in Johore is another version which is different but also very good. Well, I guess everyone in their own hometowns will claim that their version is the best but lets leave it to each persons individual taste and preference. In the meantime, lets look at some of the photos and bon appetit.

Dry curry noodles from Moon De Moon, Ipoh
Curry noodles with liew from Ping Zhang, Kg Simee Ipoh
Johore version of curry noodles from Kin Wah, JB
Dry curry noodles with siew yoke from Doremi, Ara D'sara
Curry noodles with taufu pok and chicken, Also from Doremi
Dry version from Doremi, Ara D'sara
This version from a Kampar Noodles stall, Sect. 17,PJ
Another version of curry noodles, KL style
This creamy curry noodles from TTDI, KL

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Famous Chicken Rice in Kedai Kopi Ban Huat Heng, Happy Mansion, Sect. 17 PJ

I have been a regular at this eatery for its chicken rice and roast meat. Easy to locate and easy parking. It is situated at a corner of a block at Happy Mansion and along the same row as My Elephant Thai restaurant. The owner and the people operating the chicken rice stall are very friendly.
I went there again on Sunday and the place was rather crowded already when I arrived. Fortunately, we found an empty table and seated ourselves. Our order was taken and soon the drinks and food arrived.  The specialty is their chili sauce and pounded ginger which gives the food extra 'Oomph!'
You will leave the place after your meal very satisfied.  They open for business early in the morning where they serve noodles. Their chicken curry noodles and Hor Fun soup are quite good too. They go on serving chicken rice from 11am until they are sold out. In the evenings, they open again for dinner also serving chicken rice. So you can have chicken rice all day and night. Below are some of the photos I managed to take of the food.

A spread of chicken and roast meat
Another view of the spread
Roast meat or Char Siew
A serving of roasted chicken (Wing)
A serving of roasted chicken (breast)
Clear soup, chili sauce and iced chinese tea
An addition of steamed tofu
The counter for  preparing the dishes.