Thursday, July 12, 2018

Banson, A Cosy Place For Cendol

One night after having dinner at home,  my nephew took us for a drive to Bangsar South aka Kerinchi. He told us of this restaurant called Bansan located in The Sphere. I have not been to The Sphere in quite a long while and was surprised with how it looks now. Everything looked new compared to what it was a few years back.
Anyway, we made our way up to Bansan on the first floor and as it was a very cool night, we decided to sit outside at the non aircon area. Service was prompt as the waiter immediately came with their menu. We ordered some Ice Kacang (ABC) and also Cendol as can be seen in the pics below:

Front view of the restaurant
Penang style Ice Kacang
Another bowl of Ice Kacang
The Cendol
Their Drinks Menu
The Food Menu
The view outside

I have yet to try their food but was told that their Penang Hokkien Noodles (Har Mee) and Laksa are very popular choices here. You can have the Har Mee with ribs or just the normal serving. Prices are slightly higher because of the locality and ambiance but the place packs quite a crowd. Now you won't have to go north to Penang to taste good Penang food.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Cendol and Pasembor under the trees in Kepong Baru

On one of my rounds in search of places to eat under the shade of trees, I came upon an area in Kepong Baru where there is a tree lined road called Jalan Margestua. There are a lot of coniferous trees lining both sides of the road and there are lots of stalls selling coconuts and food stalls. Coconuts here are aplenty and very cheap going from RM3.50 each or RM10.00 for three. Quite a few people have mentioned about the variety of food along this road and I have yet to try them out.
My post today is about this cendol cum pasembor (rojak) mobile stall where you can choose to sit under the shade of trees and enjoy your food and cendol as they have laid out a few tables and stools for their customers.
The cendol/pasembor stall

A view of the cendol stall

Pasembor ready for preparation
Lovely cendol

Lots of goodies for the pasembor

Lots of coconuts at this stall

Bought this packet home

The pasembor here is one of the best that I have tasted and whenever I have the yearn for it, I will head over to this place. Getting here is very easy. If you are coming from Bandar Manjalara, head straight to the traffic lights at Kepong Baru. A landmark on your left will be a Church. Take a right turn on Jalan Margestua and keep on going past some shops on your right. You will then see some stalls selling coconuts on both sides of the road. This cendol/pasembor stall is on your left and you can park your by the road as there is a wide road reserve. Very convenient.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Another eatery called Fara Food Corner under the trees

Lately, I have been visiting eateries located under the shade of huge trees. I find it nice to be eating in the coolness of shady trees. Another of which I found was this row of stalls along Lorong Chow Thye just off Jalan Pahang. The one I went to was Fara Cood Corner.
This is a mamak eatery and also a very popular one judging on the number of customers coming and going. We managed to get a table after some customers had left and soon the guy came over and cleaned the table and took our orders.We had our usual roti, tosai, nasi lemak and fried chicken which was very tasty. I also find that their vadai and samosas were good too.
Making roti canai and food display
Food all ready for lunch
Another view of the stall
A huge cauldron of curry
Roti telur bawang
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
The stall is under the shade of the huge tree
The road name where the stall is located

You can see from the photo the number of cars parked by the road as to how busy the stall is. I love their chutneys, vadai and their tosai. I have yet to try their lunch but I can see how good it looks. I will definitely come back here for lunch one of these days.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wan Tan Noodles under the shade of trees

This is one place I never knew existed and was surprised when my nephew brought us to this place. I did not see any name for the restaurant but it had a strong following of its regular customers. When we arrived, I was amazed by the huge trees there and the restaurant under the cool shade of the trees. Anyway, we got ourselves and empty table and immediately our order was taken. Within a few minutes, our drinks were served followed by our food.
Dry wan tan noodles with char siew
A bowl of wan tan in soup
Curry noodles with fishballs, char siew and foo phei
Front view of the stall
Workstation of the stall
A view of part of the restaurant

It was nice to have our food so close to nature. It was cool despite it being a hot day. I was told that this place has been in existence since many decades ago. Getting here is very easy. Drive along Jalan Tun Razak until you see Istana Budaya, take a left turn into Jalan Kuantan and left again into Jalan Maran. Go down the road till the end where you will see a wooden restaurant with lots of parking and under the shade of some huge trees.

Friday, July 28, 2017

BLR lunch at SSR Curry House

I have been recommended to try the food at SSR Curry House many times and today, I had the urge to have banana leaf rice there. The owner Mr. Kumaresan told me to try the friday special which came with six (6) varieties of vegetables, payasam, rasam and also complimentary bananas for dessert. I called up my friend Nov Velan and we both decided to head over there for lunch.

We were there just before the lunchtime crowd came in and were immediately served by the attentive waiters. Nice clean banana leaves were placed for us and followed by the six varieties of vegetables. Next came the rice and the gravy or curries of our choice. One of the vegetables that I really liked was their deep fried cauliflower which I'm told was their signature dishes. It was really good and tasty. Below are some of the photos I took of our lunch.
My BLR with six varieties of vege
BLR for two
This Cauliflower 65 is awesome
Some meat dishes to add on
Assorted curries
Claypot curries all in a row

It was a very satisfying lunch for both of us. I used to be able to ask for second helping of rice but now, I can only settle for single helping. This is one place that I definitely will come back for the delicious food.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hokkien Mee or Har Mee in D'sara Kim

I met up with my old classmate Lee Lian Hoe the other day after so many decades. It was nice meeting up with him as we go back a long way.  He recommended a place in Damansara Kim where we could sit and chat over brunch.
The place we went to was Restoran Golden Kim Wah. I could see there were lots of stalls and you could have a wide choice of hawker food. We decided to try the Hokkien Mee or Har Mee as is commonly called. The man who manages the stall has been at it for many years and I was told that he may retire soon. As the lunchtime crowd was not there yet, we managed to get our order quite fast. The broth used for the noodles was quite tasty and had lots of sliced pork, small prawns, half an egg, fish cake and kangkung.
The hokkien mee with additional chili paste
Before adding the chili paste
The workplace of the stall
Front view of the stall
Front view of the restaurant

The next time I come here, I think I will try out some of the other stalls. The famous Robert CKT is also here and it sure looks good. The best time to come will be for brunch as there is ample parking except during lunchtime.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Claypot Chicken Rice in Pudu

It was a Sunday and my nephew took us for a drive to Pudu to have a look at the market area. As it was slightly past lunchtime, the area was not so jammed with traffic and quite easy to drive around since people had finished with their marketing.
We decided to have lunch and my nephew recommended claypot chicken rice at restaurant along Jalan Yew which was very popular. We managed to get a parking space very near to the restaurant and made our way there. The restaurant was very packed with diners but we were lucky to find an empty table. Service was very prompt as the waiter cleared the table for us and also took our order. The cooking area for the claypot rice was just outside the restaurant and I could see them preparing the claypot rice on charcoal flame which was interesting. When the rice was almost ready, I noticed the cook placed some burning charcoal on top of the cover to give it extra heat and o make sure it was well cooked.
Soon, our lunch was served to us. The aroma of the claypot chicken rice was awesome especially when topped with salted fish with oil. We stirred the rice to mix it well and my first mouthful of the rice was simply delicious. There was a generous serving of chicken in the pot as well as Chinese sausages (lap cheong). I also dug deep into the pot to reach the rice at the base which had a nice crunch. Thats the best part of the rice. Here are some photos I took of our lunch.
The claypot chicken rice with the salt fish
Steamed chicken soup with lotus root and kacang with chicken feet
Soup served in individual bowls
Stir fried glass lettuce with garlic
Food preparation counter outside the restaurant
Preparation of the claypot rice on charcoal flames
Hot charcoal placed on top of the pot for even cooking

This restaurant is situated at the junction of Jalan Yew where the flyover meets Jalan Sg. Besi and is easy to locate. They even have a Facebook page and featured in a Food Channel featuring Ah Xian.
Their Facebook page and Instagram.
Front view of the restaurant
The restaurant featured by Ah Xian

Some other dishes available
I love the food here as they have that old style cooking and taste that is lacking in most restaurants. I will definitely pay another visit here.