Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch at Canai, Subang Jaya

I had a lunch date yesterday with my old friend and his wife who were back from the US. He had requested for good Indian food and as they were staying in SS 18, I decided to take them to Canai, an Indian restaurant recommended to me by my friend Nov Velan. This restaurant is in SS 14 which is directly opposite SS 18 where my friend is staying.
We met up at his place and later headed over to Canai for lunch. We arrived there around noon which was perfect as the lunchtime crowd had not come in yet and easily got ourselves a nice spot inside. Everything on display looked so good and my friends couldn't resist trying out the food especially their nasi biryani.  Display was very neat and the curries were in claypots while the vegetarian dishes were in trays and easily visible. Here are some photos of the food we ordered.
Front view of the restaurant
Plain biryani
My biryani with some vege and sambar
Mutton Peratal
Chicken Varuval
Chicken curry
Complimentary Payasam
Chicken varuval in claypot
Assorted curries in claypots
Vegetarian section

I did not take photos of a couple more things we had. We all enjoyed our lunch very much and also the service was good. The waiter was very attentive and served us well. I think I will definitely make a second visit to this place.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Breakfast again at SS2 Chow Yang Kopitiam

This kopitiam has become one of my favourite places to have breakfast. I came here the other day and found that they had many stalls inside the kopitiam. This time round, I decided to try out the Penang Hokkien Mee or Har Mee.
This stall is called #JJ Penang Prawn Mee. I ordered a bowl to try out and found that it was very authentic. I always try out the gravy first to ascertain if its good. The folks manning the stall were very friendly and that makes a 'plus' point for me. They were very generous as they even gave me a bowl of extra kangkung to go with my noodles. Judging from the taste, I would definitely recommend this stall to my friends who want to have really good Har Mee.
Besides this stall, there are many other stalls in this kopitiam so we ordered a bit of this and that to add to our breakfast. I noticed that the folks manning their stalls all spoke Hokkien. I believe most of these folks were originally from Penang as the food here is quite Penang style.
We ordered a plate of Lor Bak (a must have if in Penang) and it was very good. Another stall selling popiah caught my eye and couldn't resist ordering two rolls.
There was a stall selling nyonya kueh (Uncle Lim Nyonya Kueh). After breakfast, we ordered some for dessert. I am quite fussy where nyonya kueh is concerned and I found the kueh not very much to my liking. It didn't have the smooth texture like we used to have those days.
Anyway, here are some photos of the things we ordered. There are many more stalls we haven't tried out so perhaps we will the next time round.

Very good Penang Prawn Mee
Front view of the stall
The folks manning the stall
Another view of the stall
A plate of Penang Lor Bak
A closer view of the Lor Bak
I had to have this Popiah
Not to be missed Lum Mee

I love the Penang kind of hawker food and this place fits the bill. I will definitely be coming here again to try some of the other stalls. Parking around this area is easier during the weekends.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nyonya Lam Meen

I have always loved Lam Meen. Some folks refer to it as 'birthday noodles'. We sometimes cook it at home for certain occasions and it is a bit time consuming as you have to boil the soup to the right consistency and taste.
I have always eaten Lam Meen with the clear soup normally found in Penang and also Ipoh. Over here in the Klang Valley, I found that the Lam Meen sold here is of a dark and thick gravy and this is not to my liking. I prefer the one with clear soup. Anyway, I was in PJ one day around the Chow Yang area in SS.2. and I came across a coffeeshop called SS2 Chow Yang Restaurant. This is quite a big coffeeshop occupying three shoplots. Upon entering, I found that there were many stalls selling all kinds of food but one that caught my eye was the Lam Meen stall. I checked and found that they served the clear soup version. I ordered it and soon it was served to me at RM6 only. The first thing I did was to taste the soup and found it to be quite tasty. Below are some photos of the Lam Meen which I ordered.
My plate of Lam Meen. 
Another view of the Lam Meen with sambal on the side plate
A look at the stall
Another view of the stall
Front view of the coffeeshop

I had the small plate of Lam Meen and the bits of pork crackling (Chee Yau Char) was good. To enhance the taste, there was a plate of sambal given. I was quite happy with it but it would have been better if there were chives (Kow Choy), then it would be perfect. Anyway, this is a good place to go for breakfast if you are in the vicinity.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lunch at Raj Banana Leaf

It was a Sunday and we decided to meet up with my Bro-in-law for lunch. We were feeling hungry and felt the need for some heavy food but not over indulging. We met up in Bangsar and being a Sunday, parking was relatively easy as compared to other days. Raj Banana Leaf was on our mind and we headed over there. When we arrived, it was already packed with diners but were lucky to find an empty table. Service was quite prompt and polite as the waiter immediately came to take our order and served us within a few minutes. As I mentioned, we didn't want to over indulge so we opted for vegetarian banana leaf rice. I could see many interesting and tempting dishes on display at the food counter but we decided to stick to our order. Below are some photos of the vegetarian banana leaf meal that we had.
The vegetarian meal with four vege, acar, papaddam and rasam
A closer look at the food
Pic was taken before adding acar and papaddam
My favourite iced syrup
We ordered capati too
A view of the restaurant
Some curries at the food counter
Another view of the restaurant

I was told that they had very good meat dishes such as chicken and mutton varuval, fresh fried meat or fish, fish curry and many others. All sounds very tempting for me but I'm on a diet at the moment so probably will try those lovely dishes when I'm off my diet. I would say that for meat eaters, this place serves some good stuff. The curries served here are slightly mild as compared with other places probably because it also caters to tourists who might find curries too spicy for them. Overall, I must say it is quite a good place to go for lunch.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Teochew Duck Rice

We were invited the other day to try Teochew Duck Rice. At the mention of duck rice, one would always think of roasted duck as found in most places. However, this place serves a different kind of duck rice which most Teochew folks love and as we had not tried it, we went along.
This restaurant is situated in PJ New town facing the MBPJ tower and quite easy to locate and it starts business early evening till night. When we arrived, the place was packed with diners but were lucky to find an empty table. We placed our order at the stall where the lady boss was dishing out the orders for their customers and soon, the food was served to us.
The food was something different from what I anticipated but being the first time, we gave it a try. The oily rice was quite good and aromatic. Here are some photos of what we ordered.
A serving of stewed duck
A plate of stewed inards
Teochew Hum Choy more like Kai Choy
Oily and aromatic rice
Front view of the stall
Some stewed stuff
Side view of the stall
More stewed stuff

When we were almost finishing our meal, I saw more customers coming in. Judging from what I saw, I think there are quite a lot of Teochew folks in KL/PJ or maybe they just love Teochew food.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Have some fresh coconut water

I was in the vicinity of Section 17 in Petaling Jaya after having lunch and as I was driving by, I saw this stall by the roadside. I drive by this road often and today, being a hot day, I decided to stop and get myself a coconut drink.
There were a lot of customers waiting in line to order and I was lucky I didn't have to wait long. This guy was super efficient and worked fast to serve his customers even though he was the only one manning the stall. First, he takes the order, then he chooses the coconuts by hitting each one lightly. This ay, he will know if the coconut has enough or lots of water. He chops off the top, takes a couple of swings sideways at the coconut, and exposes the open top and pours the water on to a container. He then splits the coconut with a couple of swings and scoops out the tender flesh into the container and packs it for the customer. It just took a minute to do all that and I'm impressed at his efficiency.  Here are some photos of him at his stall.
The coconut stall
Scooping out the coconut flesh
Pouring out the coconut water
Another look at scooping the flesh
He has a special scoop to do it

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Section 17, do drop by at his stall for some really good coconut water. It is located on Jalan 17/22 facing the Happy Mansion apartments and should be very easy to locate.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hameediyah Restaurant

I have always been a fan of this restaurant since the days when I used to visit Penang often and when I heard that they were opening a branch in the Klang Valley, I was elated. They are famous for their old school kind of Nasi Kandar and their murtabak, things which I love.
They took up a place in Nexis, Sunway Damansara and I watched it from the time they were setting up the place. You can clearly see the restaurant from the main road as they have a wall painted with murals of their main restaurant in Penang. Now, with the opening of the new MRT station just in front of their restaurant, business has grown even more.
I first went to this outlet in Sunway Damansara on a Sunday as its is easier to find parking. The staff were very friendly and efficient and they came to take our order. If you want to have rice, then you have to go to their food counter where you can select what you want. People were already waiting in line to order their rice dishes. After selecting, the man will add the gravy/curry of your choice or you can have 'kuah campur' which allows him to mix the curries on your rice, which he does very well. A little of this and that and you will have a awesome plate of rice. I have some pics of their food choices below and I must say they all tasted good.
Nasi Beriani set
Sides c/w the beriani
The nasi beriani
Roti Telur Bawang looks exactly like murtabak
Mee Goreng Mamak
Rice with Ayam Goreng Bawang
Rice with Ayam Rose
The awesome Murtabak
Part of their food counter
Price list of their food

There are even more dishes available and I have yet to try them. Maybe I will order something different each time I go there so that I can taste them all. I was told that every Friday, they have offers for selected food at only RM 6.90 for a set which includes a drink.
So if you happen to be in the vicinity or if you crave for some old style Mamak food, just head over to Sunway Damansara. You will love the food here.