Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A new BLR eatery called MACHA

Just the other day, a few of us decided to go to Sunway Damansara in the locality of Kota Damansara. We intended to have brunch at a coffeeshop there for its curry noodles but while we were driving around looking for parking, we noticed a new eatery just opposite the coffeeshop. It caught our eye and immediately decided to give this place a try.
It was quite full when we entered the place but one of the polite staff ushered us to an empty table. A menu was given to us but we decided on having Banana Leaf Rice with add-ons. I must say the place was very clean with open concept air conditioning. Everyone including some tourists were seen enjoying their meal in comfort.
Service was fast and once the banana leaves were set, the waiter started serving the basic vegetables of the day followed by the curries of your choice. Then came our add-ons and drinks. We enjoyed our lunch very much. The food here is slightly on the higher side compared with most other BLR places but its cool and comfortable here.  For easy location, this place is situated opposite Kayu and Ho Chiaz (a chinese coffeeshop). This is one place I will definitely visit again.
Front view of Macha
The basic Banana Leaf Rice
Chicken 65
Chicken Varuval
Mutton Curry
Meat dishes in claypot
More meat dishes
Perattal pumpkin and others
Part of the serving area
The serving counter
Macha's menu

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Banana Leaf Rice at Restoran Jaya, Brickfields

I was introduced to this place by my friend Venoth and Nov Velan  who frequent all the best eating places in Brickfields.  There are so many good ones there to choose from. I went to Brickfields the other day with my relatives and since we were at Nu Sentral, we walked over there.
It was quite early when we arrived at Restoran Jaya and we could pick the table of our choice. The staff were very friendly and gave us very good service. There were so many tempting dishes on display and we decided to choose a few to go with our BLR.  The banana leaves were placed on our table and followed by the vegetarian accompaniments for the basic BLR. Then came the side dishes that we chose and also our drinks. The food looked so delicious and after taking a few photos which is a norm for me, we tucked into our rice. Here are some photos that I took.  There were some other dishes that we ordered but I couldn't take those photos as we were all very hungry and started digging in.  I will definitely be back again to sample all the other lovely dishes.

The basic BLR

The meat dishes

Chicken Varuval
Look at that spread

Vege dishes
Another chicken curry

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gravy Baby and pies

I was introduced to this place in Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road. I love pies and felt that I had to visit this place. It was a weekend and parking was easy in this area. Upon entering the premises, the owner Paul Elliot welcomed us and ushered us to an empty table and immediately, a waitress came to give us the menu and told us to take our time to decide on our order.
After placing our order, the owner Paul chatted with us and even took us on a tour of his kitchen. The kitchen staff were very efficient and everything went on like clockwork. We were very impressed with the place.  Our order was ready by then, and we proceeded to our table to tuck in.
We really enjoyed our pies and after our meal, Paul sat and chatted with us. This is one place I will definitely come again. Below are some of the photos I took at the restaurant.

A lovely pie set with mash and peas

Front view of the restaurant
Paul Elliot, owner
Part of the kitchen
Pie crusts ready to be filled
Pie set of your choice
Pie without add-ons
Pies ready to be served
This is their menu
Some lovely pastries
More lovely pastries
Another view of the restaurant

Monday, December 28, 2015

Of Fries and Wraps

I have always loved fries and when I was in Melbourne, I went to a very popular place called Schnitz. This place is in the Chadstone Shopping Centre on Melbourne's south east. Schnitz has many outlets all over Melbourne but since this is the nearest outlet, we decided to go there for dinner.
I was told that this place serves really awesome fries and loved it on my first bite. We ordered a few different things on their menu to try and these are some of the pics which I took.

Front view.
Interior deco.
The awesome fries.
Very good burgers.
Very good burgers.
Awesome wraps
Awesome wraps
Nice interior deco

Another pic of the interior deco

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Greek food at Hellenic Republic, Kew, Melbourne

I was in Melbourne recently for a holiday and enjoyed the sights and food.  We were invited to lunch one day to a Greek restaurant in Kew, one of the beautiful suburbs of Melbourne. This restaurant called Hellenic Republic is run by Masterchef and Restaurateur George Calombaris. I had not tried Greek food and was eager to try it.
We arrived at the restaurant and were immediately taken to our table as we had made prior booking. The staff were very efficient and polite. Water was immediately served to us while we looked through the menu. It did not take long for the food to arrive after having decided on our menu. Everything looked so good and tempting. Below are some of the pics I took of the awesome food.

The above pics were some of the food we had and I must say I really enjoyed it very much. They have a few outlets in Melbourne but this is the nearest for us and parking here was easy. I definitely will make another visit to this restaurant on my next trip to Melbourne.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Everybody Moon De Moon

I have heard about this place from friends and relatives and since I was in Ipoh the other day, I decided to give this place a try. This coffeeshop is situated at a row of shops facing the Kinta River and in a housing area called Taman Mirindy. I used to frequent this area with my friends long ago when this area was not developed yet and spend our time by the river. To get here, you have to come through Kg. Simee or Star Park.
This coffeeshop is very popular and you have to get there early as the curry noodles and Koay teow soup (Kai See Hor Fun) will be sold out very fast. When I arrived in Ipoh that morning, we headed straight to this place and already, the place was very crowded. We ordered our drinks which came rather quickly but we had to wait for quite a long while before the noodles arrived due to brisk business. The price of the noodles average between RM4.50 to RM5.00 and the portions are rather small. Anyway, when the noodles arrived, we tucked in and savour the 'so-called' popular noodles.
Front view of the coffeeshop

Iced coffee which was quite good.

The chicken hor fun (Kai See Hor Fun)

Dry Curry noodles

The two popular noodles here

The customers come here mainly to have these noodles. There are a few other stalls here but this stall is the one that brings in the customers.

The popular stall

Another view of the restaurant