Monday, August 7, 2017

Another eatery called Fara Food Corner under the trees

Lately, I have been visiting eateries located under the shade of huge trees. I find it nice to be eating in the coolness of shady trees. Another of which I found was this row of stalls along Lorong Chow Thye just off Jalan Pahang. The one I went to was Fara Cood Corner.
This is a mamak eatery and also a very popular one judging on the number of customers coming and going. We managed to get a table after some customers had left and soon the guy came over and cleaned the table and took our orders.We had our usual roti, tosai, nasi lemak and fried chicken which was very tasty. I also find that their vadai and samosas were good too.
Making roti canai and food display
Food all ready for lunch
Another view of the stall
A huge cauldron of curry
Roti telur bawang
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
Part of their menu
The stall is under the shade of the huge tree
The road name where the stall is located

You can see from the photo the number of cars parked by the road as to how busy the stall is. I love their chutneys, vadai and their tosai. I have yet to try their lunch but I can see how good it looks. I will definitely come back here for lunch one of these days.

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