Sunday, July 9, 2017

Claypot Chicken Rice in Pudu

It was a Sunday and my nephew took us for a drive to Pudu to have a look at the market area. As it was slightly past lunchtime, the area was not so jammed with traffic and quite easy to drive around since people had finished with their marketing.
We decided to have lunch and my nephew recommended claypot chicken rice at restaurant along Jalan Yew which was very popular. We managed to get a parking space very near to the restaurant and made our way there. The restaurant was very packed with diners but we were lucky to find an empty table. Service was very prompt as the waiter cleared the table for us and also took our order. The cooking area for the claypot rice was just outside the restaurant and I could see them preparing the claypot rice on charcoal flame which was interesting. When the rice was almost ready, I noticed the cook placed some burning charcoal on top of the cover to give it extra heat and o make sure it was well cooked.
Soon, our lunch was served to us. The aroma of the claypot chicken rice was awesome especially when topped with salted fish with oil. We stirred the rice to mix it well and my first mouthful of the rice was simply delicious. There was a generous serving of chicken in the pot as well as Chinese sausages (lap cheong). I also dug deep into the pot to reach the rice at the base which had a nice crunch. Thats the best part of the rice. Here are some photos I took of our lunch.
The claypot chicken rice with the salt fish
Steamed chicken soup with lotus root and kacang with chicken feet
Soup served in individual bowls
Stir fried glass lettuce with garlic
Food preparation counter outside the restaurant
Preparation of the claypot rice on charcoal flames
Hot charcoal placed on top of the pot for even cooking

This restaurant is situated at the junction of Jalan Yew where the flyover meets Jalan Sg. Besi and is easy to locate. They even have a Facebook page and featured in a Food Channel featuring Ah Xian.
Their Facebook page and Instagram.
Front view of the restaurant
The restaurant featured by Ah Xian

Some other dishes available
I love the food here as they have that old style cooking and taste that is lacking in most restaurants. I will definitely pay another visit here.

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