Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch at Canai, Subang Jaya

I had a lunch date yesterday with my old friend and his wife who were back from the US. He had requested for good Indian food and as they were staying in SS 18, I decided to take them to Canai, an Indian restaurant recommended to me by my friend Nov Velan. This restaurant is in SS 14 which is directly opposite SS 18 where my friend is staying.
We met up at his place and later headed over to Canai for lunch. We arrived there around noon which was perfect as the lunchtime crowd had not come in yet and easily got ourselves a nice spot inside. Everything on display looked so good and my friends couldn't resist trying out the food especially their nasi biryani.  Display was very neat and the curries were in claypots while the vegetarian dishes were in trays and easily visible. Here are some photos of the food we ordered.
Front view of the restaurant
Plain biryani
My biryani with some vege and sambar
Mutton Peratal
Chicken Varuval
Chicken curry
Complimentary Payasam
Chicken varuval in claypot
Assorted curries in claypots
Vegetarian section

I did not take photos of a couple more things we had. We all enjoyed our lunch very much and also the service was good. The waiter was very attentive and served us well. I think I will definitely make a second visit to this place.

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