Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cendol from a mobile van

I am always on the lookout for cendol and wherever I go, I will try to remember their location so that I can locate them when I need to quench my thirst for cendol.
I was driving around Aman Suria and I noticed a mobile van parked along a row of shops under some trees. Hasan Cendol was the name on the van and I decided to give it a try. The guy operating the cendol stall is a nice young man named Khadir and he took over his father's cendol business and speaks good English. He was very friendly and polite and we chatted as he prepared my cendol. Besides cendol, he also sells pasembor (rojak) and mee rojak. I enquired why he did not sell mee rebus and he told me that it was the 'IN' thing now where customers prefered mee rojak to the old mee rebus. Anyway, when my cendol was ready, I took a sip and found that it tasted good. It was the right amount of sweetness and not too 'lemak'. I sat myself down on a stool under the trees and began to enjoy my cendol.

The mobile van in front of the shops
He still uses the old ice vending machine
Some goodies for the pasembor
This is Khadir who operates this stall
My bowl of cendol
Looking at the prices displayed, it looks like its not cheap anymore to have cendol and pasembor. You can easily get a plate of chap fun (mixed rice) or even a bowl of your favourite noodles anywhere. However, for those who still want to have cendol, this stall is easily located in front of a row of shops in Aman Suria facing the NKVE. I have had my fill already.

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