Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lai Kee Soyabean

As most of us know, Ipoh is famous for its tau foo, ngah choy (bean sprouts) probably because of the water as claimed by many. Tau Foo Far is also a favourite for the locals of Ipoh and also the out-of-town folks who patronise the famous stalls like Funny Mountain along Osborne Street.

Another place that opened just a stone's throw from Funny Mountain is Lai Kee Soyabean. This is in a shoplot on Theatre Street (Hei Yin Kai) and you can sit in comfort to enjoy your tau foo far, soyabean or leong fun (cincau) as they have tables and stools in the shop. If you are a regular at Funny Mountain, you should also try this place as it is equally good. Whenever I'm in Ipoh, I will head over to this shop to enjoy my tau foo far and I don't have to stand around to eat it.

Make a bee-line to this place and I'm sure you will like this place.


SimpleGirl said...

personally I feel Funny Mountain's quality has really deteriorated...

The Travelling Foodie said...

Yes, it definitely has. I found many have switched over to Lai Kee already.

Alexandra said...

Agreed. A case of fame getting to their head?

We got a tub of taufufah from Funny Mountain yesterday and the texture was not that smooth, plus the price was sky-high.

RM1.70 and it barely came up to half the container! Sacrilege!

My family has always gravitated to Lai Kee's anyway. Probably rooting for the underdog is in our genes :)